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Burns Automotive - Your local Greenville full service repair center.

Continuing the family business started by his grandfather TC in the 1960s on Stone Avenue, Burns Automotive has continuously served Greenville for three generations providing full service automobile, motorcycle and small engine repairs. Tommy "TJ" Burns and his team of experts are one of the last full service mechanic and repair shops that work regularly on and specialize in classic American automobiles and motorcycles. Among the services they offer, Burns Automotive can build your race engine, fine tune a hot rod and undertake classic car restorations that others won.t touch. Whether your car is a late model or classic, our rates are competitive and we will keep your car running when others can't.

Burns Automotive specializes in service and our team has worked on everything under the sun. We bring unparalleled knowledge of old cars, trucks and motorcycles to the repair and care of your vehicle. Let us earn your trust. You.ll never need another service center again.



Phone: (864) 235-5054
Fax: (864) 235-1404

206 Furman Hall Road
Greenville, SC 29609

Monday - Thursday : 8am - 5:30pm

- Service
- Brakes
- Tires
- Minor Repairs
- Performance
- Brakes
- Tires
- Minor Repairs

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